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Creating Powerful Press Releases

Posted on July 24, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (612)

Distributing press releases online is an excellent way to spread valuable information to a large target audience. Ideal instances to distribute press releases are when your business is:


Announcing a new business partnership.

Offering new services or products.

Relaying positive information about the brand to improve brand image and visibility, such as customer success stories.

Involved in a special event, perhaps having a grand opening or attending a tradeshow.

Keep in mind that press releases should only be distributed when your business has newsworthy information that’s relevant and interesting to the target audience -- whether it’s local press contacts, industry specialists or consumers as a whole -- not simply with the sole intent of advertising. Once the opportunity arises to create one, it’s recommended that the content in the press release:


Contain an attention-grabbing headline.

Remain short and concise.

Include compelling quotes.

Provide resources to learn more information.

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline

With so many information sources available, the first challenge is to stand out from the competition and win the attention of readers. In a few words, explain the topic and why it’s beneficial to the reader. Include a teaser as well to generate curiosity and motivate readers to find out more.


2. Short and Concise Content

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds. To help ensure that your message is absorbed by readers, keep press releases brief and to the point. Also, summarize all pertinent points in the first few sentences. More detail can follow in the body paragraphs of the press release.


3. Compelling Quotes

To support your cause as well as make it more personable and powerful, add a quote. The type of quote chosen will depend on the intended outcome of the press release. Your business could incorporate a quote from the spokesperson of the brand to enhance the significance of the news or include a testimonial from a customer to legitimize the company’s claim.


4. Beneficial Resources

Supply readers with outlets that provide additional information and encourage them to learn more. Include links to both your business website and other sites that offer useful content on the topic. Additionally, include a boilerplate with the basics about your company as well as your company contact information.


Wisdek discovered 64 percent of journalists use search engines to follow the news, and over 80 million people get their news online every day. Regardless of the purpose of the press release or which online media outlets are utilized to convey the information, distributing a press release that contains these four components improves the likeliness of effectively communicating your message to a large target audience.


Written by Phillip Thune, CEO of Textbroker.




Posted on July 22, 2015 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (335)

Things that can make you a success...

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (200)

You feel like you’re going to be successful (someday). You feel powerful (almost). You’re going to make it big (very soon). You’re worth a million bucks (in your mind). You’re famous (just about). All you need is a little bit more time...and it’s all going to come together.


Does this sound like you? Good. This is exactly the kind of attitude that characterizes a successful entrepreneur.


You expect it. You want it. You’re hungry. You’re driven. It’s all there, except for the reality.


The reality will come. But in the meantime, you need to keep up the actions and attitudes that will produce that level of success. How do you look like a successful entrepreneur even if you haven’t quite yet arrived?


Here are seven principles that I’ve learned and seen other aspiring entrepreneurs practice with success.


1. Fake it. You’ll make it.

The popular expression, “Fake it till you make it” works. Why? Because it’s built on real science.


Psychologists have long recognized the correlation between the mind and the body. When we feel a certain way, we act in corresponding ways. The reverse is true. When we act in a certain way, we feel a corresponding emotion.


The most common example is the smile. Smiling isn’t just a response to a happy feeling. The act of smiling can actually make you feel happy.


The same principle is at play in “fake it till you make it.” If you act in a certain way, your feelings, emotions, confidence levels, and overall attitude will gravitate in that direction. The result? Eventually, you make it.


2. Act confident. No matter what.

One of your greatest assets is your confidence. The problem is, it’s hard to project confidence from a mind filled with fear and doubt. Many entrepreneurs and soon-to-be-successful people suffer from a condition known as the imposter syndrome -- a feeling of inferiority and personal misgivings about one’s status or achievement.


In the flighty and fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the imposter syndrome runs rampant. Even the most successful people experience the impact of self-doubt.


You either can give in to the lying voices in your head that you’re an imposter, or you can project confidence in spite of those naysaying voices.


I suggest confidence. Confidence will cover for you. If you’re still driving a beater car, wearing a cheap suit, or don’t even have your own office space, be confident.


3. Ask people for help.

Smart people know how not smart they are. That’s why the smartest people are often the ones asking for help.


The only reason why I know a thing or two about online marketing is not because I’m smart. It’s because I asked for help.


4. Be selective about who you spend time with.

Entrepreneurs know the value of time. They understand that “spending time” is the equivalent of spending money, except that money is a renewable resource, while time is not.


For this reason, you should be spending time with people who make you better. You shouldn’t be spending your leisure time in places where you’re the smartest guy in the room. You should be spending your time in places where you’re challenged, sharpened, and cultivated.


Successful people spend their time around other successful people. When it comes to investing your time, make smart decisions.


5. Dress the part.

Like it or not, people judge you based on how you’re dressed.


I used to dress like a bum. When I made a few strategic and low-budget changes to my wardrobe, everything changed. My consulting rate more than doubled, I gained valuable new clients, and my business exploded.


Was it all due to my wardrobe? There was obviously luck involved, but the wardrobe did make an impact. I now spend a lot of money on nice clothes, but it doesn’t take an enormous amount to make a difference in how you dress.


It’s not just nice clothes that make an impact. It’s the right clothes. Sylvia Hewlett, one of the leaders in the workplace power and influence niche, explains, “You have to look like you belong to the group, [and] you have to look a little better than the group.”


Being a cut above is about looking a cut above.


6. Take risks.

Good entrepreneurs take risks well. The secret to being a great risk taker is simply to start taking risks. Sounds simple, but it’s true.


Start with smaller risks that don’t have a large downside. Eventually you learn how to calculate how risky a decision may be and from there you can slowly increase the amount of risk you take on.


Take risks with confidence. It looks good on you.


7. Write your own online biography.

If someone wants to know more about you, what are they going to do? They’re going to Google your name. They’re not stalking. They just want to know who you are, what you do and what you’re all about.


You get to shape what they see online and the impact it makes. By intentionally creating and curating your online presence, you can develop an identity that matches who you want to be.


Your profiles on all the major social media sites should be cohesive and compelling. This is your autobiography, and it affects your future. Give it the time and attention it deserves.



Everyone who is successful has faced a time in their when they weren’t so successful. Success is preceded by growth and development.


Now is your time to prepare, to work hard and to give it all you’ve got. To become what you’re destined to be, you’ve got to act in corresponding ways.



Live Stream Conferences.. How To

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (746)

Your schedule is busy. Event content is accessible via livestream, allowing on demand play and pause. You find large events difficult to navigate. You already have a huge network. There are a number of reasons we each may find for taking a pass on conferences and seminars. But, for entrepreneurs, let me explain why there is simply no excuse or better alternative than attending a conference in person:


Live conferences can provide us with a dynamic physical energy that awakens our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s the difference between going to a group fitness class versus working out to a video at home alone. Development-driven events extract positive, motivational, inspiring energy from other people, and feeding off of that can be transformational.

Live conferences connect you to your tribe! Sure, conferences are an opportunity to make “new contacts,” but they are also a chance to join a new community and connect with others who share similar values, ambitions, and challenges, and can therefore provide a vital support system. Why suffer the obstacles, setbacks, or celebrate the victories of entrepreneurship alone?

Live conferences are a different way to learn and expand our consciousness, perspectives, and knowledge base on subjects that inform our career and life decisions. They are curated by organizers who work hard to provide us with a specific experience and expertise. See it as potential inspiration and education on steroids without having to read a load of books and articles.

1. Meet the Right People.

Identify goals regarding who you want to meet and what you want to walk away with. Setting goals in advance will help your experience be more effective. Also, take advantage of the conference app for a preview of your fellow attendees. Often, event apps enable you to start networking with attendees even before the event.


2. Take Notes.

It may seem tedious to journal your day, but have your Evernote or favorite note-taking app ready to go. I have a category called “Conferences & Events” in my Evernote where I take notes about the people I meet and amazing nuggets/advice that I hear from panels and speeches. When I need inspiration, it’s invaluable and always accessible.


3. Plug into Social Media.

It’s easy to forget about promoting your brand when you’re overwhelmed by an event, but it’s important to leverage every event experience to collect and share content with your audience. So, be mindful of social media. I always aim to do two things: snap a few photos — selfies with amazing women or beautiful visuals — and post using the event hashtag. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a much larger conversation.