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About Modern Marketing Orange County

About Jayne

Modern Marketing Orange County has some questions for you. Are you happy with your marketing team right now? What are your goals as a business owner? Do you want to make more Money$$? Do you need more clients? How much time are you spending branding yourself? M.M.O.C. specializes in working with each clients needs from a business perspective. Understanding their Goals and putting together a marketing plan. From fulfilling their dream of homeownership to creating a Website or Website Design, for their New or Existing Business or making marketing materials to deliver to their potential clients. People don't always understand financial projections, but they can get excited about a well-written and well-thought-out marketing plan. Let M.M.O.C. help you Market yourself! Here is a sea captain's analogy, it's better to be 5 or even 10 degrees off your destination port than to have no destination in mind at all. The point of sailing, after all, is to get somewhere, and without a marketing plan, you'll wander the seas aimlessly, sometimes finding dry land but more often than not floundering in a vast ocean. Sea captains without a chart are rarely remembered for discovering anything but the ocean floor.

Home Loans:

Jayne completes a thorough pre-qualification process for all of her clients so that when they get in the car with a Realtor to go look at homes, there are no surprises.

Golden Empire Mortgage of Newport Beach offers many First Time Buyers programs as well as Down Payment Assistant Programs.

Jayne's committed to leading the industry by embracing the importance of staying well informed on Rates and Programs and by ensuring that her clients are prepared and ready to purchase a home.

Let Jayne make your Dream of Owning a Home come True! At Golden Empire Mortgage Newport Beach, Jayne's focused on providing Home Loans with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & she will do everything she can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, Jayne's sure you'll be happy working with her.